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Global Solidarity Weekend on Jan. 25, 26, 27
Banner Drops and Solidarity Fasts

Join the Free Samer Issawi Campaign on a solidarity fast this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. To maximize the effectiveness of this, please publicize your fast to your networks to bring attention to this issue and help mobilize support. This includes taking a photo with a sign that reads "I am fasting in solidarity with the Palestinian hunger strikers illegally detained by the Israeli Government. I demand their immediate release and that Israel respect international law and the human rights of the Palestinian people." It also includes posting this photo on Facebook (better yet, as your profile picture on the days that you are fasting!), tweeting about it, and telling people around you.

We also ask supporters to create banners and hold them in public places where they would get substantial visibility, e.g. above busy highways (as long as it is legal per local laws) and during busy traffic. The banner should read something along the lines of "Free Palestinian hunger strikers!" These can be hand made on cloth with markers at minimal cost, or professionally printed at an estimated cost of $100 for a 2 ft by 8 ft vinyl banner.

Samer's health is now in a very critical stage and immediate action is urgent. Please join us this weekend, before it is too late to save him. Send us a photo and we'll include it in a graphic collage that will be sent to his family showing them the global solidarity, as well as any detainee's families that we are able to get in touch with. 

E-mails, Faxes, Letters, Phone Calls

Please write a short note to the following recipients, demanding Samer's immediate release and that Israel end its illegal policy of 'administrative detention.' Ask your government to stop supporting Israel's continuous violation of the Palestinian people's human rights, and especially the political prisoners.

> Brigadier General Dani Afroni, Israeli Military Judge Advocate General: Online form via Samidoun
> Israeli Embassy in the United States: Ambassador Michael Oren Tel. 202-364-5500; website contact form; Political department e-mail
> U.S. Department of State: Elizabeth Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, Tel. 202-647-7209
> U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem: Consul General Michael Ratney, Tel. +972(02)622-6909/8; fax +972(02)624-0939; e-mail
> Canadian Foreign Minister: Office of John Baird, Tel. 613-990-7720; e-mail:
...more contacts will be added, and they all need to hear from us!

Other Alerts and Petitions

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